Thank you for visiting the IGas Barton website. Our aim is to tell you about the work being carried out in the area, to explain how we’re working with the local community and to hear your views.

The government has granted us licences to explore the Mersey Valley for oil and gas and we have also sought permission from the relevant local authority, as well as a number of statutory bodies.

We will shortly drill an exploration well at our Barton site to take samples which will enable us to understand what is beneath the surface more fully. Our primary purpose here is to identify the resource potential, including coal bed methane (CBM), in the underlying rock formations.

Some key points about our work in Barton:

  • We are drilling a vertical exploration well
  • We are not hydraulically fracturing (fracking) but just taking samples for analysis
  • The drilling process will take 8-12 weeks
  • The site is the size of a football pitch
  • The bore hole at the surface is 20” in diameter
  • The well will be drilled using a mobile drilling rig that will be removed from site once we are finished

There’s a feedback page for you to share observations or concerns and we promise always to respond. To find out more, you can also call our information line 0203 675 6058* open weekdays from 10am-4pm. *Calls are charged at the standard rate. Calls from mobiles may cost more.

A map of our Barton site is below and you can view a larger version of this by clicking on the image.


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